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"The hocus pocus of religion is false" 
                       zegt dr. Atkins in onderstaande video
                                            " religion is baloney" ( onzin, kletskoek)
Atkins versus Lennox 
"Does god exist" video debat Universiteit van Manchester            


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Four laws that drive the universe pdf
On Being  pdf 


     Stukje uit Peter Atkins  in On Being

Hoofdstuk The Beginning  blz 21



If, as I believe, the creation of the universe was an agentless

act, then it was necessarily purposeless, for there can be no purpose

if there is no agent.


Blz 43

The argument against the view of God as business angel is

of only one kind, the same argument that applies wherever His

agency is invoked: there is no evidence for it. Although it has

the attractive fragrance of harmonious compromise between

religion and science, those of us who believe that all assertions

are unreliable unless founded on publicly accessible evidence

should not allow ourselves to be drawn into the spider’s web of

false settlement.



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The Laws of Thermodynamics pdf